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Dungarvan Charter Boats - Diving - Self-catering accommodation Ireland Cottages in Ireland Hotel holiday and Golf Ireland Microsoft OneNote 2010 kaufen günstig oem
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    Thursday, 08 October 2015

    The Irish Riviera arrow Dungarvan arrow Dungarvan Charter Boats - Diving
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    Dungarvan Charter Boats - Diving

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    dungarvancharter1.gifDungarvan Charter Boats have been successfully providing charter boat services for a number years, catering for sea angling, scuba diving and scenic trips.  “Danger Zone” is a new service for the qualified technical wreck diver. The Cork and Waterford coasts have many pristine shipwrecks, which we now hope to positively identify. John Tynan, skipper of the “Avoca”, (TDI Advance Trimix) has been researching the history of these shipwrecks for many years. More than twenty wrecks are within the seventy five M.S.W. range, ten to fifteen miles off shore, a ‘wreckies paradise’. Dungarvan Charter Boats look forward to taking you on an expedition to these wrecks.

    1 Wreck Antony
    Details : Booth Line. 6446 tons , sunk 17-03-1917
    Comment : Very popular with Sub Aqua Clubs Advanced divers.Lots to explore and discover. General cargo for Liverpool.

    2 Wreck Bandon
    Details : City of Cork S.P.Co. 1456 tons Sunk 13-04-1917
    Comment : Great Dive when vis clear, keep on eye out for Steam Tractor

    3 Wreck Barrister
    Details : Charente S.S. Co.3679 tons. Sunk 11-05-1917
    Comment : This one everyone wants to find and identify,, !!! "Up for the challenge? .Pernambuco for Liverpool general cargo, sugar and maize

    4 Wreck Canova
    Details : Liverpool, Brazil & River Plate .Co .4637 tons
    Comment : Sunk 24-12-1917. . One of a cluster of wrecks yet to be pos.I.D.Cargo wheat.

    5 Wreck Castlehill 
    Details : J.Kelly & Co. 690 tons Sunk 2-05-1941
    Comment : Pos.Identified Divers John Tynan & Eoin Mc Garry .Aug.1995. Lettering on stern.
    Details : J.Kelly & Co. 690 tons Sunk 2-05-1941 Comment : Pos.Identified Divers John Tynan & Eoin Mc Garry .Aug.1995. Lettering on stern.

    6 Wreck Crispin
    Details : Booth Line. 3965 tons. Sunk 29-03-1917
    Comment : South of the Hook.Horses for Avonmouth.

    7 Wreck Delf
    Wreck Details : If anyone has pos. ID. Please let us know
    Comment : Known as the 7.6 mile wreck, yes you`ve guessed it ,, lots of delf , plates and bathware,.

    8 Wreck Edith
    Details : Of Barrow 77 ton.S.V. sunk 27-06-1915
    Comment : Sunk 10 miles S.E. of Caple Is,. on a busy day off Ardmore when the S.S. Kenmare was lucky not to have become Ardmore`s prime dive site.

    9 Wreck Feltria
    Details : Cunard , 5254 tons.sunk 5-05-1917.
    Comment : Just 10 miles off Helvick, older build 1891,good Dive in the right spots, avoid trawl net when using grapnel to S.W.

    10 Wreck Folia
    Details : Cunard Line. 6705 tons, sunk 11-3-1917
    Comment : Great Diving, famous for its brass bars once salvaged by Risdon Beazley and others! See the history of this wartime wreck below.

    11 Wreck Garmoyle
    Details : Clyde Shipping Co.1229 tons .Sunk 10-07-1917
    Comment : One of the cluster , who wants to be credited with her pos. ID. ?

    12 Wreck Glass
    Wreck Details : Two large wrecks or pieces off 4 miles east of the Feltria
    Comment : Most interesting diving , attracts a lot of attention from local deep- divers, highly recommended !.

    13 Wreck Goldcoast
    Details : Br.SS. 4255 tons . Sunk 19-04-1917
    Comment : Probably the 14 mile wreck off Mine Hd.Listed in The Treasure Atlas, from West Africa for Liverpool.Needs I.D.

    14 Wreck Gracia
    Details : 3129 ton , sunk 11-03-1917
    Comment : Another of the Ballycotton wrecks.Outward bound Liverpool for Havana, general cargo.

    15 Wreck Hebburn
    Details : Burnett S.S. Co.1938 tons (1908 ) sunk 25-09-1918
    Comment : probably the smaller of the 15 mile wrecks,Capt.survived.

    16 Wreck Inniscarra
    Details : Cork S.P. Co.1412 tons.sunk 12-05-1917
    Comment : Capt.P.F.Kelly also Capt, of Bandon when torpedoed. Survived,.see account in The Cork Historical and Archaeological Society journals.

    17 Wreck Karina
    Details : African S.S. Co. 4222 tons Sunk 1-08-1917
    Comment : Prob, wreck near U-Boat 1276, and Corvett HMS Vervain.

    18 Wreck Lincolnshire
    Details : Br. S.S. 3965 tons sunk 29-03-1917
    Comment : Possibly one of the Glass wrecks.General cargo from New York.

    19 Wreck Lucena
    Details : 243 tons Steamer Sunk at noon just after the S.V. Edith
    Comment : South of Youghal , 4 miles approx, should be interesting when found.!! Anyone for a days maging ?

    20 Wreck Manchester Engineer
    Details : Br. S.S. 4302 tons sunk 27-03-1917
    Comment : East of the Antony,.on the 50M contour, some heavy copper ingots raised in the 80`s.

    21 Wreck Pinewood
    Details : Br.S.S. 2219 tons sunk 17-02-1918
    Comment : Cardiff for Queenstown, coal and timber.

    22 Wreck Richard De Larrinaga
    Details : Larrinaga & Co. 5591 tons sunk 8-10-1917
    Comment : 13 miles S.E. of Ballycotton. In Ballast.

    23 Wreck Sandsend
    Details : British SS 3814 tons. Sunk 16-09-1917
    Comment : Known as the 8 mile wreck off Helvick. Coal and general cargo.

    24 Wreck Zeta
    Details : Br.SS. 2269 tons. Sunk14-09-1917
    Comment : 15 miles south of Helvick. Coal.


    The History the wreck of Cunard Liner FOLIA
    The torpedoing of the Cunard Liner FOLIA must be a great example of history in the making off the Waterford Coastline. Not only was it the destruction of a fine ship but it brought together famous maritime characters of that era, namely Commander Hans Rose , U-53, a brave and decent submariner rated the fourth U-boat Ace of W.W.1 and Capt. J.D. Inch , an acclaimed seaman who received the Freedom of the City of London for his tenacious actions while in command of the disastrous fire struck VOLTURNO in mid Atlantic.
    Further to these associations the liner FOLIA ,was originally owned by the Italian Company Lloyd Sabaudo of which Guglielmo Marconi was a Director and major shareholder.

    Commander Hans Rose, U-53.
    Picture the headquarters of the Convoy System at the British Admiralty, the huge chart-room upon the walls all convoy and U – boat positions were plotted. Through experience and radio intercepts the officers were able to tell which U – Boat Commanders were operating at any given time. They each had individual traits and methods of attack. It was often remarked “Old Hans is out again.”

    They were speaking of Hans Rose, Commander of U-53…. A man they had learned to treat with great respect and caution.

    In September 1916, Hans brought his boat to Newport, Rhode Island, much to the amazement of the American Authorities. He proceeded to dock and then invite the American Naval Officers and their wives aboard to view his gleaming vessel. After delivering a message to the German Ambassador he proceeded offshore to the Nantucket light.

    He sent five or six ships to the bottom having questioned their captains on their cargo and ordered the abandonment of their ships.

    Rear Admiral Sims, U.S. Navy says of him “ We acquired a certain respect for Hans because he was a brave man who would take chances which most of his compatriots would avoid, and above all because he played his desperate game with a certain decency. “

    Sometimes when he torpedoed a ship Hans Rose would wait until all the lifeboats were filled, he would then throw a tow line, give the victims food, keeping all the survivors together until a rescuing Destroyer appeared on the horizon when he would let go and submerge.

    “Hans Rose is one of the few German U- Boat Commanders with whom allied Naval Officers would be willing to shake hands with today.”

    Another interesting point is Claus Bergen, the official war Artist, accompanied U-53 on its September patrol 1916-Southern Ireland – Atlantic. His brilliant paintings and drawings record life aboard a U-boat and are testimony to hardship endured by these brave submariners.

    Captain F.J.D. Inch.
    The VOLTURNO was not Capt. Inch’s first experience of fire-fighting. As chief officer of the SS. CAMPANIA, he was principally responsible for extinguishing a fire which could have developed into another VOLTURNO. At 2 am on the 9th of October 1913, Inch donned a smoke helmet and went into the aft end of the vessel beside the emmigrants quarters and succeeded in putting out the fire.

    At the outbreak of the War, Captain Inch commanded the PRINCIPELLO, later becoming a CUNARD Captain commanding the VERENTIA and the VALACIA.

    Captain Thompson of the CAMPANIA said of Inch, “ Captain Inch was a fine seaman, courageous to a degree and imbued with a fine sense of duty, I think I may say I never had a more capable or competent chief officer”.

    Captain Inch retired from the sea in 1929 and died shortly thereafter.


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